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Urban Design Fox aspires to create unique furniture items, by combining inspirational design and artisanal manufacturing expertise. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s our mission to minimize our ecological footprint, and therefore we search the globe for those high quality materials that do not only have unique properties, but also have a more sustainable origin and impact.

Unique Furniture
Inspired by the current industrial furniture style trends, we aim at designing unique furniture items that will add that interesting yet distinctive touch to your interior. We offer a diverse assortment of unique industrial furniture which you will love.
The Highest Quality
When you have finally found that unique piece of industrial furniture, you also want it to last and retain its beauty for the years to come. All our designs are the result of the selection of only the highest quality materials, transformed by expert craftsmen with the greatest precision and care.
A Sustainable Approach
We strive to work with materials that leave a smaller ecological footprint. This not only from an extraction or harvesting point of view, but also throughout the manufacturing phase as well as taking into account what happens with the product after its life cycle.

Popular Products

Dining Table

from £4470


Designer Chair

from £1600


Coffee Table

from £525


Luxury Bathtub

from £7130


Coffee Table

from £430


Orb Lamp

from £250


Discover Duradoura

Bring that natural feeling of Mediterranean warmth into your home. The Duradoura range, which means lasting in Portuguese, is a collection of unique furniture designs locally crafted in Portugal from the highest quality materials. Central in each design is a breathtaking top of cork, interestingly contrasted with a steel base.

Zhú Zi Collection

Another unique furniture collection is our exquisite Zhú Zi range. Eastern culture meets industrial design with this stunning assortment made from high quality bamboo. Whether you choose a natural colour, or go for one of the darker shades we offer, these designs will add a natural yet modern touch to your interior.

Our unique furniture has a focus on sustainability

Sustainability Is Key

As a company we value sustainability as much as we do design. It all starts with having the right corporate mindset. In everything that we do we always ask ourselves the question whether there are more sustainable ways to achieve our goals. It is with this philosophy in mind that we have chosen to work with Cork as the main material for our launch collections of tables and chairs. Being both renewable and recyclable, this unique material enabled us to create unique furniture items of a very high quality, yet without having an unnecessary negative ecological impact.


Cork is a remarkable material that can easily be re-used once it has lived out its original purpose. All of the cork we use in our designs can be cleaned and reprocessed into new products. Also the metal that is used for the base can easily be cleaned, molted and reused in new metal products.



We chose it to be as sustainable as possible. All of our packaging is manufactured from wood fibers derived from sawing waste in the construction and timber industry. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable without the need for a single box to go to a landfill.


The Extra Mile

We constantly strive as company to do more. As an example we decided to partner up with the WWF and help with their quest to further preserve and grow the cork oak forest in Portugal. That is why Urban Fox Design has committed to restore 10m2 of cork forest for each item that we sell

What Customers Think Of Us

No matter how appealing our table and chairs might seem on our website, we understand that purchasing furniture online still remains bit daunting? Yes, we do have a very strong satisfied or return policy, but why only trust our word for it when you can have a look at what other consumers have to say:

Indeed a special look and feel! I was a bit worried about stains though, but as long as you immediately remove any spills with a dry aor slightly damped cloth the table stays impeccable.


Liverpool, Duradoura Dining Table

There was a mix up with the initial delivery but the customer service was very fast (and a personal approach), which I appreciated. When the table was finally delivered I was very happy with my purchase. Would recommend


Bristol, Duradoura Coffee Table

Had friends over for dinner the other night and it is was the first topic of coversation 🙂


Swindon, Duradoura Dining Table

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