If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a Mosquito!

– Quote by the “Dalai Lama” –


This is it! After months of hard work the Urban Design Fox project is finally a reality! And we are here with a very clear goal: to delight our consumer with high quality pieces of furniture, that are made from more sustainable materials.

Yet, in a world with huge corporations selling low-cost (and often lower quality) furniture items, do we really think there is a place for us amongst these giants? Absolutely! We all know that sustainability will be one of society’s key challenges the coming decades. How will we balance our growing population and it’s consumption economy with the overall health and liveability of our planet? The answer lies exactly in that one word, “balance”. By already changing small habitats in our lives, we can actually make a big impact together!

For example… when buying furniture! Did you know that in Europe alone more than 700 million cubic meters of wood is being used to make furniture? This need, which is only further increasing year-on-year, is further fueling deforestation, which has a negative impact for humans and animals alike. So this is where we come in! Urban Design Fox tries to find high quality alternative materials that do not have a such a negative impact on the environment, and turns them into unique pieces of furniture. Although we might indeed still be small, we are committed to make a difference whilst delighting our consumers at the same time!

It took us quite a while to find just the right materials to work with. But…hard work does pay off! Today we are extremely excited being able to reveal our Duradoura launch collection to you guys. We truly hope you like our designs and looking forward to hearing your feedback!


The Urban Design Fox Team


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