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Contemporary & Modern Coffee Tables


Your living room is not just a mere functional area to sit down and watch TV. It is a place where you can truly be yourself, an extension of who you are and in where you can come at ease. But also, it is the main room where you host and enjoy the company of friends or family. For those of you who are looking to add that unique touch to your home, we have designed a collection of stylish and more unusual coffee tables. The items we offer do not only have a distinctive industrial design, moreover they are all made of unique and more sustainable materials.

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Urban Design Fox' first collections of unique coffee tables is named Duradoura (Portuguese for "lasting"). At the hearth of these designs is the usage of Portuguese cork, a breathtaking yet high quality and robust material which is moreover renewable. At the hands of the Portuguese craftsmen we bring you an exclusive and distinctive range of contemporary and modern coffee tables.

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Our Process

The Right Material
The design team at Urban Design Fox is constantly looking to find those materials that not only have disruptive visual and physical characteristics, but that are also more sustainable. Indeed, we are looking for resources that we can harvest in a renewable way, or previously used materials that we can recycle and give a second life.
A Unique Creation
As a next step we start the creative thinking process on how we can leverage the chosen materials in such a way that the distinctive characteristics best come to life. Most of our unique coffee table creations start from a minimalistic and industrial style approach, using straight lines to put the emphasis on the unusual coffee table top.
A Stylish Result
Throughout our creation and design process, we never lose track of the end objective: our unique & unusual coffee table should be a center piece in your living room that immediately draws attention and sparks curiosity. It should bring warmth and style to a room where you are able to truly feel at home.

Our Launch Collection

We started our quest to delight consumers with tasteful yet unusual coffee tables by creating the Duradoura collection. Duradoura means “lasting” or “permanent” in Portuguese and reflects the key characteristics of its main material, cork. The cork originates from the Portuguese hills and brings with it a Mediterranean warmth which you can experience both visually as physically. Moreover, as cork is the bark of the cork oak tree, it can be harvested in a renewable way and the trees can therefore live up to be 200 years old.

Casca Coffee Table

Are you looking for an even more exclusive and unique coffee table? Perhaps our Casca coffee table might be for you. The elegant top is hand made, using pure pieces of the cork bark which are carefully crafted together by Portuguese experts. The result is a masterpiece which is, without a doubt, the most exclusive design in our entire assortment.

The next collection of modern coffee tables is coming


Basing ourselves on the same starting principles, unique materials that leave a limited ecological footprint, our team of designers is already working on a next collection of contemporary and modern coffee tables. So, stay tuned or subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you do not miss the big reveal!

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