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A dining room table is not just a functional item that you merely use for eating dinner. It is also a reflection of your personality and self that you prominently display in one of the most central places in your home. So whether you are looking for a unique conversation piece for friends and family to gather around, or whether you just want to add that modern & contemporary touch to the room, you have come to the right place! We designed these unique dining tables with the greatest attention to detail, using unique materials that are not only of the highest quality, but that are also more sustainable.

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In our first two collections, Duradoura and Casca, which mean respectively "lasting" & "tree bark" in Portuguese, we both worked with high quality Portuguese cork as the central material. The result is a modern dining table with an industrial design, which not only looks amazing, but also feels soft and warm.

In Our Zhú Zi collection, which is Mandarin for "made of bamboo", we created an interesting combination of Eastern culture with a modern & minimalistic design. The result is a range of unique dining tables that will add a modish and natural touch to your interior.

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Our Process

The Right Material
We search the globe for those raw materials that not only have unique visual and physical characteristics, but also leave a minimal ecologic impact if we were to us them. We are looking for those materials that can be harvested and produced in a more sustainable way, or those that had previous life and can be recycled and re-used.
Sculpting & Shaping
We envision which form and shape would bring out the distinctive properties in the best possible way, whilst radiating a unique atmosphere to its surroundings. Our inspiration for many of these unique dining tables is rooted in the industrial design trend, where minimalistic shapes and lines put the full spotlight on the central table top.
Enable Relationships
A dining table should not only bring a unique vibe to your dining room, it should also be a center piece around which you can spend quality time with your friends or family, enjoy a meal together and be comfortably captivated by each other’s stories. We make sure all our unique dining tables enable such great moments.

Duradoura Table Range

The name itself means “lasting” or “permanent” in Portuguese, which already hints towards both the renewable as robust characteristics of the key material used. The cork is grown in the hills of Portugal and breathes the warmth of the Mediterranean. It is harvested in a renewable way, without harming the tree, and shaped to breathtaking table tops. The result is a unique and modern dining table that will change the atmosphere of your dining room with its industrial yet natural look and feel.

The Casca Table Range

Instead of grinding up the cork bark, the Casca table top is crafted by meticulously combining pure pieces of natural cork bark. This also explains the meaning of its name in Portuguese, “bark”. The creation process of this modern & exquisite dining table requires local Portuguese expertise and craftsmanship, yet the remarkable and matchless result is definitely worth all the work.

Unique dining tables are being created

More To Come!

Yet as we speak, our team of young and upcoming designers is already searching the corners of the planet to find the next material that has extraordinary properties or history, yet that we can leverage in a more sustainable way to create the next collection of remarkable & unique dining room tables. Definitely check out our website on regular basis or subscribe to our newsletter to be among the first to hear about it!

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