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Create a modern but at the same time natural and warm atmosphere throughout your interior with our collection of unique lighting solutions focussed on eco design. Made from more sustainable materials such as high quality Portuguese cork, these modern designs will add a distinctive and warm accent to your room. All of our lighting designs are available in both natural as dark cork.

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Whether you are looking to add a warm glow to the entire room, or rather a smaller ambient light to highlight a specific area, we offer a wide variety of unique lighting solutions that will make your interior cosy and unique. Thanks to their industrial and stylish design, our eco lighting elements will fit both modern as more classical interior styles. Finally, you can also play with combinations of suspended and table lamps, which will add a recurring accent throughout the space.

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Unique lighting solutions combination of lamps

Creating Unique Lighting

The industrial and modern design of each of our unique lighting solutions enables them to also work great in combinations of two or more. Play for example with several pendant lights, suspended at different heights, to create a stylish and natural focal point in the room.

Lighting Is Key

Design is defined by light and shade, and the right lightning element can completely change the atmosphere of a room. First off, you want to be clear on what the purpose of a light should be. Lighting can be used as general illumination of the roo, as ambient lighting for a specific area, or even more specific for a certain task or accent (for example a table lamp).

Unique lighting solutions with eco design

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