Unique Metal Bench for Dining Table


Because our pure cork tops are so extremely complex to make, this design is truly one-of-a-kind and will add an exclusive touch to your interior. Although this unique metal bench was original made to complete our Casca dining room table, it can also perfectly be placed in any other room of your home.


Lead Time: 6 Weeks  - Year of Design : 2018

£ 1.200

It Starts With an Idea

After we made our Casca dining table, we just knew we had to complete the design with a matching bench. Yet we knew that the road between idea and result would be a lengthy one. To create this unique metal bench, our skilled craftsmen must undertake a fastidious creation process.

1. Handpicked

When we are trying to create one of the most premium items in our assortment, every little detail needs to be just right. That is why we start with handpicking every single piece of cork material we are going to work with.

How our unique metal bench is made
The unique metal bench has its own pattern

2. Getting it Just Right

Because every slice of cork will always have its distinctive look, it is perfectly possible to create very different tops with the same material. That is why we first define the optimal combination.

3. Creating a Whole

In order to create a bench top that is not only stunning but also very comfortable, our local experts take their time to assemble the final plate, and meticulously shape the final design until they get nothing short of perfection.

Finishing the unique metal bench
The perfect metal frame

4. A Metal Frame

Mimicking the design of the Casca dining room table, the bench is supported by a quality metal base. The simple design and its sober dark or white colour creates the perfect balance with the cork top.

Why You'll Want Casca


Your bench will sit very comfortably


Each pattern of cork is unique


Only the very best cork is used

Your Unique Metal Bench


Height (cm)

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Weight (kg)






Not needed



Remove any spills



Steel base with cork

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I clean the metal bench?

You can easily remove dust using a cloth. In case any spills happen please wipe them immediately to avoid stains.

Does the bench require assembly?

No, we will deliver this unique metal bench already assembled.

Is it strong enough to carry weight?

Yes, this metal bench is designed to carry 3 full grown adults without any issue. Both the metal structure as the cork can carry the weight.

Can the sides crumble?

The cork top is very strong and robust, and should be able to widstand daily usage without any problem. However, we do recommend to not put concentrated pressure on the sides.

Can I order a set?

Absolutely! You can easily add the dining table and one or more benches to your shopping basket, or, if you prefer, you can send an email to orders@urbandesignfox.com and we can process it manually.

Will any 2 benches be the same?

In case you order multiple benches, for example to complete the dining table, they will slightly vary because of the unique combination of cork pieces in the tops.

Where can I find all Casca items?

On our casca collection page.

How long will it take to produce?

Because of the meticulous process production can take up to 6 weeks.

Dining Table Bench Set

This unique metal bench is designed specifically to complete our Casca dining room table. The elegant yet minimalistic design of the set is perfectly balanced, and bound to create a focal point in your dining room area.

Very Rare

Because we can only commit to making a few Casca benches every cycle, this item is truly a collector’s piece. In case you are interested in ordering a set to match your dining table, we recommend you place your order in time!

Our unique metal bench is very rare

For Every Bench

Every company should take its responsibility when it comes to sustainability. We at Urban Design Fox have decided to go beyond just limiting the ecological footprint of our production cycle. On top we want to give back by protecting a part of the forest for every item sold.

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