Luxury Side Table with Pure Cork


Discover our luxury side table, which is part of our most exclusive and premium Casca collection. Its simple yet sophisticated steel legs form the perfect pedestal for the beautifully carved pure cork top. As this design requires a complex and lengthy production process, our capacity is unfortunatly limited so we can only fulfill a limited amount of orders.

Round End Table Pure Cork - Black Metal-1

Lead Time: 6 Weeks  - Year of Design : 2018

£ 750

Creating a Work of Art

Due to its unequalled nature, this luxury side table is considered more a work of art than it is a piece of furniture. And as with any art, it takes time and skill to conceive the perfect result.

1. A Rigorous Search

Our skilled workers take their time going through literally mountains of cork to find those pieces that truly stand out. Only those slices that bear no defects and have the perfect colour and texture will be selected.

The search for a luxury side table
Designing a luxury side table

2. Laying Out The Pieces

With the selected material spread out, the artisan will now play with the different possible combinations. He or she will choose that specific pattern that brings out the unique texture and shade in the best possible way.

3. Carving

Just as with a rough diamond, the block of combined pure cork now needs to be shaped to its final form. A Portuguese craftsman will carefully carve away at the material until the perfect table top emerges.

Carving a luxury side table top
A fitting base

4. A Steel Platform

To finish the design off, we add a high-quality steel platform. This simple yet stylish design is made of only the best metal covered with electrostatic paint, and available in a white or black colour.

Why You'll Love Casca


Your table will feel soft, whilst being strong


The cork pieces will form a unique pattern


The highest quality cork and steel

Our Luxury Side Table


Height (cm)

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Weight (kg)






Arrives assembled



Wipe up spills



Steel legs, pure cork

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning the pure cork top?

You need to remove any spills immediately to avoid any lasting stains. Dust can simply be removed with a soft cloth.

Do I need to assemble it?

No, our luxury side table is already fully assembled when it reaches you.

Do I need to treat it carefully?

The design is very sturdy and strong. You can use it as a normal side table, it can carry weight up to 20kg.

What about cracks?

Just like for example leather, you need to watch out with sharp objects as not to cut the material.

What if they are out of stock?

In this case you can contact us using the form on our website and we will be able to tell you as of when we can take new orders.

A collector's piece?

Because of its limited edition and destinctive pattern this luxury side table is defintely a collector's piece.

Are there more Casca pieces?

Yes, you can find them here.

A square version of the table?

We also offer a square side table as part of our casca range.

Discover Them All

Visit our dedicated Casca page if you would like to discover the different designs that make up this truly remarkable and exclusive range.

First Come…

As mentioned above, once our orderbook for the quarter is full, we can unfortunately not accept any additional orders. But, you can always contact us to be added to the waiting list for the next production run.

Waiting list for a luxury side table

We Do Our Part

If you decide to buy one of our luxury side tables, then we will protect a 10 square meter area of the Portuguese forest. This way, generations to come will also be able to enjoy this magnificent material and all the advantages it offers.

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