Modern Side Table Pure Cork & Steel


For those who are looking for a unparalleled addition to their interior, we offer this very rare and modern side table. The top itself is a unique puzzle made of pure pieces of cork bark, which is exquistely contrasted by a sober yet elegant steel base. This unsual side table is a limited edition and we can only supply it to a lucky few, on a first-come-first-serve basis.


Lead Time: 6 Weeks  - Year of Design : 2018

£ 775

Pièce de Résistance

This unmatched modern side table will, without a doubt, become a focal point in your home. Yet, it does require a very methodical and detailed procedure to forge, only mastered by our most skilled Portuguese experts.

1. Careful Selection

The material we work with to create this modern side table is pure cork bark, wich is carefully removed from the cork oak tree by hand and without damaging the tree. Not only can this remarkable material only be harvested once every 9 years, but within this we are also very selective on using only the best slices.

Selecting cork for a modern side table
The most beautiful combination

2. Envisioning a Whole

After the material has been selected, one does not simply start combining them to make a table top. The first step for the artist is to envision wich pattern of cork slices will create the most captivating and appealing result.

3. A Rough Plate

Once the pure cork has been pressed together, they form a rough plate which still needs to be sculpted into the intended shape. We take our time for each design to carve each line and curve to perfection.

crafting a modern side table
A custom-made steel frame

4. Contrasted with Steel

Because the top of this modern side table is so distinctive and mesmerizing, we decided to work with steel to contrast and even further emphasize the cork material. Available in a mat dark or mat white electrostatic finishing, this sober yet elegant base forms the perfect pedestal.

Why You'll Love Casca


Your side table will feel nice, soft and warm


Each pattern made with pure cork is unique


The finest cork, steel with electrostatic coating

Our Modern Side Table


Height (cm)

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Weight (kg)






Not required



If any spills remove instantly



Steel frame with pure cork

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I maintain the pure cork side table?

Remove dust using a cloth. Please remove any spills instantly to avoid stains.

Does it come in one piece?

Yes, this modern side table is made out of one piece, and hence can immediately be enjoyed once it arrives.

Is it fragile?

No, cork itself is a very resilient and strong material. You can use this side table just as any other.

Sharp objects?

Please be very careful with any sharp objects as they can cut or tear the material.

A limited edition?

This design is very complex and exclusive, that is why we unfortunately can only make a few.

A unique side table?

Yes. Each side table will look slightly different thanks to the unique combination of pure cork in the table top.

Do you have more like this?

Yes, this modern side table is part of our Casca collection.

Also a round side table?

Yes, we also have a round side table in our collection.

Another Shape?

Are you looking for a different size or shape? Don’t worry, we also offer five other designs within the same range. All of them use pure cork as the key material, and each item is unique in its own way.

A Lucky Few

As we will only be able to take a limited number of orders before our capacity is full, those of you who are fast enough will be able to call themselves the lucky few who own an exclusive Casca side table!

Our modern side table is a limited edition

Giving Back

When you buy a modern side table from our Casca collection, you do not only get a unique piece of furniture, you will also be giving back. That is because we will provide the means to the WWF to protect an area of 10 square meters of Portuguese forest.

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