Handmade Coffee Table with Pure Natural Cork


This breath-taking handmade coffee table is one of the most exclusive items in our assortment. Local Portuguese craftsmen carefully remove the best pieces of bark from the cork oak tree, and craft the raw pieces together to form an absolutely gorgeous top. This finished plate is then mounted on a custom-made steel base, covered with high quality electrostatic paint, to form a truly exclusive and exceptional furniture piece.


Lead Time: 6 Weeks  - Year of Design : 2018

£ 1.325

Birth of a Masterpiece

This handmade coffee table requires the expertise of our most experienced craftsmen. The process is very complex, and each step needs to be completed meticulously. Join us as we go through each of the different phases of production.

1. The Very Best Pieces

Every 9 years the tree bark of a cork oak is ready to be harvested. Skilled Portuguese workers carefully remove the bark by hand, this so not to harm the tree or the material. Out of this we choose the very best pieces for our Casca coffee tables.

The best material for handmade coffee table
Puzzeling the handmade coffee table top together

2. Putting The Pieces Together

Now comes a crucial step. The artist needs to decide how to combine the different pieces of raw material, which all have their own texture and imperfections. With the same elements one can make endless different combinations. Yet thanks to years of experience, our specialists know very well how to get the most beautiful results.

3. Handmade

The chosen combination is now carefully connected by hand to form a solid plate. This whole is then carved and rounded to a perfect and smooth shape that can be mounted on its base.

Carving the rectangular table top
A handmade steel base

4. The Perfect Base

To create a base worthy of the exclusive table top, the finest steel is cut and welded together by hand. Once the structure has been polished to be perfectly smooth the whole is covered with electrostatic paint, which provide a stronger and smoother coating compared to traditional paint whilst being more sustainable.

Why Truly Exclusive


Your coffee table will feel soft, and is also safer for small children


Each table has a unique combination of cork pieces


Handmade with the finest cork & steel; electrostatic coating


Dust is not absorbed by cork, which prevents the presence of mites

Your Handmade Coffee Table


Height (cm)

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Weight (kg)






Ready for use



Remove spills immediately



Electrostatic coated steel, pure cork

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean my handmade coffee TABLE?

Dust regularly with a soft and dry cloth and in case any spills happen, make sure you wipe them up immediately. Do not use abrasive products and avoid cleaning with extensive water.

Assembly of the Casca Coffee table?

The handmade coffee table will be delivered to you in one piece. Once unpacked it is immediately ready for use.

Is it strong enough?

Yes, the table can easily carry 50kg of weight.

Should I worry about Crumbling?

No, the top is very robust and strong, and we have rounded all the edges to make the surface as smooth as possible. However, please do be careful with any sharp objects, as they can cause cuts and tears in the material.

Is there a waiting list?

In case this item is sold out, you can contact us via contact@urbandesignfox.com. We will be able to put you on the waiting list and provide you with an estimated delivery date.

Is my Coffee table unique?

Yes, because each table top is a "unique puzzle", every table we make will have its own pattern and look slightly different.

The casca collection?

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A Round version?

Besides a rectangular design, we also made a round coffee table. Discover our full range here.

Our Full Range

Besides this remarkable handmade coffee table we also created several other items as part of the same collection. The range includes a dining table with a matching bench, two different side tables and and second version of the coffee table.

Patience is a Virtue

Exclusive pieces of furniture such as this handmade coffee table do require sufficient time to be carrefully created. That is why it can take up to 6 weeks for us to produce one and ship it out. But we promise you will not be disappointed once it arrives and you can see and feel its uniqueness for yourself.

Handmade coffee table takes time to make

Protect The Forest

Yes, we use the bark of the cork tree in our designs. But, in return we als want to give back to the forest. For every item sold we vow to protect 10 square meters of Portugese forest. This way we ensure they can continue to be a trusted partner for many generations to come.

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