Exclusive Coffee Table with Pure Natural Cork


If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, this exclusive coffee table with pure cork table top might be the one for you. Each item we make is unique as the top is a composition of single pieces of cork bark, assembled by Portuguese artisans. It is added to a handcrafted steel metal frame coated with electrostatic paint.


Lead Time: 6 Weeks  - Year of Design : 2018

£ 1.650

Our Magnus Opus

This exclusive coffee table is probably the most exquisite and incomparable item in our entire assortment. For our Portuguese artisans it is one of the most difficult objects to create, requiring the utmost skill and concentration throughout the entire process.

1. The Purest Cork

For the most exquisite design we only use the very best materials. That is why we first start with identifying the purest piece of cork, bearing remarkable and captivating visual and physical properties.

An exclusive coffee table requires the best
Carving an exclusive coffee table

2. A Unique Combination

As every table top will be the collection of hundreds of different pieces of cork, countless combinations with each their own distinctive look can be formed. After having carefully inspected the material available, the craftsman will first decide on the most enticing pattern.

3. Forged Together

The separate slices of cork now need to be forged together to create a solid whole. After every piece is positioned just right, they are pressed into a solid block. Using artisanal tools, the final shape is carved out.

4. The Finest Steel

To create a support structure worthy of such an exquisite top, we use only the finest steel. The base is tailored to that specific design, and finished with an electrostatic paint. Note that this premium kind of paint does not only offer the best protection, it is also more sustainable than other metal paints.

Why You'll Love Casca


And together with the rounded edges even safer for children


Each cork piece is chosen to form a unique pattern


Only the finest cork and steel is used


Cork does not absorb dust and prevents the appearance of mites

Our Exclusive Coffee Table


Height (cm)

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Weight (kg)






Delivered in one piece



Spills need to be removed instantly



Metal frame with pure cork plate

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintenance of a pure cork top?

The cork is very resilient, yet just as with other wood types you need to remove any spills immediately to avoid lasting stains. Dust can be removed using a soft cloth.

Do I need to assemble the exclusive coffee table?

No, we will deliver the exclusive coffee table already fully assembled.

Is it resilient?

Yes it is. This exclusive coffee table will be able to function as a normal coffee table, being able to withstand more than 50kg of weight.

Can the cork easily crumble?

No, cork is a very strong material and will withstand normal usage. On top, thanks to its rounded design the shape is extra protected against cumbling.

Out of Stock?

As we can only make a few Casca coffee tables, it can be it is currently out of stock. However, feel free to contact us on contact@urbandesignfox.com and we will be able to tell you as of when we can take additional orders.

One-of-a-kind piece?

Yes, because of the fact that each pattern of pure cork pieces will be unique.

Do you have similar products?

Yes, you can discover our full Casca collection here.

A rectangular version?

We also offer a rectangular version of our Casca coffee table.

Want More?

Intrigued by this exclusive coffee table but you would like to see more? Then we have great news, as we actually created not one, but six different pieces as part of the same collection. Discover them all and choose the one that fits you best.

A Limited Number

We try to please all our customers, but when it comes to Casca, we can only make so many items within a given period. Therefore, it could be our order book is full and you will need to wait a bit, but we promise the result is more than worth it!

A limited number of exclusive coffee tables

Protect Our Oxygen

Did you know that the Portuguese cork forests are responsible for the yearly conversion of 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into oxygen? To conserve this crucial source of oxygen we will protect 10 square meters of forest for each exclusive coffee table we sell.

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