Industrial Round Dining Table With Bamboo Top


Modern design meets Eastern culture with this industrial round dining table made with high quality bamboo. Its sober yet elegant design is contrasted by the distinctive texture of this unusual material. We decided to work with bamboo for this design as it is not only unusual and beautiful, but also because it can be harvested in a sustainable and renewable way.

This industrial round dining table is part of the Zhú Zi collection, which means Bamboo in Mandarin. It is available in two colours, natural bamboo or carbonized bamboo.

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Although the designs are crafted in our European workshop, the bamboo used in our furniture comes directly from the Anji county in China. An area which is known for offering the optimal climate and soil conditions to grow and harvest some of the highest quality and most valued culms in the world. Home to over 40 different species of bamboo spread across 60.000 hectares, this green valley is China’s most precious bamboo nursery.

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For every item in our range that is sold we will we will restore 10m³ Cork Forest!

We provide our full support to the WWF/Iberian Forest & Trade Network group

All our tables are made from more sustainable materials

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Bamboo, a Truly Remarkable Material


Thanks to its straight shape and density, Bamboo is an extremely strong material

No Waste

Every piece of the harvested Bamboo culm is used, nothing goes to waste

Prevents Erosion

The network of roots protects the soil from erosion and flooding


Bamboo is actually a grass, and as such can just grow back after it has been cut

Fast Regeneration

Bamboo is one of the fasted growing plants in the world

CO2 Conversion

Bamboo is capable of converting 35% more oxygen than other trees

Our Industrial Round Dining Table

Dimensions & Details

Length (cm)

Width (cm)

Height (cm)

Weigth (kg)



Dimensions: 125x125x25 cm



Minor assembly needed (legs)



Regularly wipe with clean cloth



Bamboo table top with steel legs

Frequently Asked Questions

Maintanance of my bamboo table?

Regularly dust and remove any spills with a damp cloth.

Production timings?

The production timings of our round industrial dining table varies between 1 to 6 weeks, and this depending on our order book and bamboo material availability.

Is any assemly required?

Yes. As part of the packaging we will provide you with an instruction manual to assemble the metal legs and connect them to the table top.

Has the bamboo table top been treated?

Yes, we have added a coating of organic oil to create an additional layer of protection. Yet as this oil is organic (not carbon based) it is again a more sustainable substance.

Dimensions of the industrial round table?

The diameter of the table top is 120cm. The total table height is 75cm.

What are the bamboo colours?

Yes, we can produce our industrial round dining table using natural, carbonized or dark carbonized bamboo.

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Culture around round industrial dining table

Part of Chinese Culture

In China, bamboo has been used as a primary material for everyday life for thousands of years. Whether it was used for construction, smaller tools or even art, Bamboo has proven to be a versatile ally. But bamboo also plays an important symbolic role in traditional Chinese culture as it is part of the “four gentlemen” principles (bamboo, orchid, plum blossom and chrysanthemum). These principles of model behaviour use the key characteristic of these plants to symbolise how to lead a righteous life. Bamboo stands for uprightness and tenacity. It symbolises integrity and plainness, whilst still being elegant.

Help Us Give Back

Did you know that forests in Portugal are responsable for coverting over 14 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into oxygen every year? Moreover, they are the home to countless species, inlcuding the endangered Iberian Lynx. In order to protect this crucial ecosystem Urban Design Fox will donate funds to conserve 10 square meters of forest for every round industrial dining table sold.

Round industrial dining table with finest bamboo

Only The Finest Bamboo

All the bamboo we use comes from the Anji County in China, which is also known as the “Town of Bamboo”. It provides the optimal soil and climate conditions to grow and harvest some of the most valued bamboo poles in the world. Containing 60,000 hectares of bamboo groves, and within this over 40 different species, it is considered China’s nursery of high quality bamboo. Being so highly conveted and growing on the other side of world does mean we often need to be patient to receive a new batch of raw material. However, the designs that are carved from this beautiful material are always well worth the wait.

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